New ZealandA New Zealand primary school teacher who appeared naked on Australian Penthouse’s website is being investigated by the New Zealand Teachers Council. Rachel Whitwell, girlfriend of pornographer Steve Crow, is featured in six saucy photos, including two totally nude shots and two topless poses… The 27-year-old boasts of what she does for a living and that she is from New Zealand in the “New Aussie Babes” section. “I am a 26-year-old single schoolteacher from New Zealand that would love to get into modelling,” Whitwell, who uses the nickname Lexy, is quoted as saying. “I’ve written erotic stories for an R-rated magazine and run my own pole-dancing studio.” Teachers council director Peter Lind told Sunday News there would be an investigation. “What is private and what is public is always a grey area but when they intersect we investigate. When a teacher is in the public arena we must say that it does impact on their ability to do their job.”

Click here for the completely NSFW pictures of Rachel, “Lexy” Whitwell.

I don’t know who’s giving Rachel career advice, but he/she is an absolute marketing genius. Honestly, whoever came up with this plan could sell an ice maker to the Eskimos. Rachel is cute and had a ridiculous body. Good for her. But in the dog-eat-dog world of slut modelling, there’s a million girls exactly like her. If she’d gone straight into peeling off her clothes for cameras, she might end up getting a little work… maybe in the back of some New Zealand skin mag or holding a phone is some sex chat line ad. But by getting a teaching degree first, using her looks to land a classroom job and now becoming the bona fide, actual, real life teacher that wants to show the world her punanny? That’s how you become famous around the globe and get yourself featured on the world’s No. 1 site for tracking Teacher Sex Scandals. I daresay, you even qualify for the Sex Scandal Teacher Starting Lineup as bikini models Erica Chevallier and Tiffany Sheperd did before you, even without seducing their students. Because just like the New Zealand Teachers Council, I also like to investigate this sort of thing.  Well played, Ms. Whitwell, well played indeed.