So Kmarko was ranting and raving about how bad he wants to play for this A+M coach.   Yeah I’ll admit that this locker room looks like fun.   But you know what else?   I watched this game.   I had the over in the 2nd half.  (loser)    A+M had NO business winning this game.  None.   It was literally a collapse by Ole Miss on every level possible in the last 5 minutes.   Yeah I’m sure that’s why A+M is going nuts here, but it’s also why this is a mickey mouse program.   Like could you picture Nick Saban doing this after his team just got dominated for 4 quarters and pulled a horse shoe out of their assholes?  No way.  He’d already be ripping them apart telling them how bad they sucked.  I just feel like when you celebrate like this there is no recognition of just how fluky it was that you won.    Fun guy to play for?  Yeah probably.  Cool video?  Absolutely.   A guy who I’d trust to coach a team I root for.  No chance.