(HuffPo)Kenneth Kraucunas is an ornery clown. The man accused of fighting with a cop in full clown gear last month appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday, red nose and all. WISN got video of the Milwaukee resident arguing with a bailiff over his outfit. “Take your nose off and take a seat,” the bailiff said. “Is that an order?” Kraucunas asked. “Yes,” the bailiff said. “OK, I charge $1,000 for that. You’re going to get a bill for that. Can I get your name?” Kraucunas said.

Some things in life you can’t explain. Can’t explain the Great Pyramids, can’t explain Stonehenge, and I can’t explain why this makes me laugh every time. It just does. What’s that sir? Take off my clown nose in a courtroom? I charge $1,000 for that. Expect an invoice. Kind of a nice way to go through life when you think about it.