So Feitleberg just told me this is a thing now? People trying to eat bananas with pantyhoses on their head? Not sure what the big deal is. Seems pretty simple to me.




Feitelberg Note:

1. I ate my banana in a very dainty manner because I was scared of getting Pres’ office dirty. I know that sounds ridiculous since it’s a disaster, but it’s true. I think I’d get in a lot of trouble for smashing banana all over the place.


2. Pres ate exactly zero banana. Look at this GIF and find a piece of banana that ends up in his mouth. Right into his lap. Sneaky, I’ll give him that. But that’s a clear “dump it on the floor when they’re not looking” move.

 (Editors Note: That’s the peel that fell and maybe an inch of banana.  The rest went right down my throat)