I’m on record as having a pretty consistent anti-”slamming into the back of a cop car shitfaced with your kids in the car” stance.  And I’ll let my record on the issue speak for itself.  That said, I like the cut of Kayla Harper’s jib.  She doesn’t make excuses.  Doesn’t try to hide behind “innocent until proven guilty.” Or the 5th Amendment.  Or her front door either, for that matter.  She just looks that reporter straight in the eye and says “Yeah I was drunk and my kids were in the back seat. Period.  And I’ve done it before.  But there are murders going on and your worried about me driving into a State Trooper?”  That’s a total power move right there, no matter what that preachy, Pinkhat MADD lady thinks.  I just can’t believe they aired this.  I thought if you give and interview on camera and say “This shouldn’t even be on the fucking news” they can’t use it.  Especially if you say it’s not cool.  That’s a rule, right?  It’s a take back.  Like when you say “scratch that” or “disregard” and it cancels out whatever you just said.  That’s some real sleazy journalism there.

PS.  I’ve got a low tolerance for other people’s verbal tics and there’s no doubt in my mind Kayla says “At the end of the day” constantly?  That’s a weird expression to begin with, but it’s one you either never use or you use it every other sentence.  “At the end of the day” isn’t something you dabble in; it’s a lifestyle.  Like drunk driving with your babies in the car.  @JerryThornton1