DM – It seems Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s rocky romance is officially back on. The young pair were pictured at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown following the American Music Awards on Sunday night. They were later seen holding hands outside Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood, before Bieber was sighted leaving her LA home on Monday morning, wearing his same black outfit and red studded shoes.They attempted to keep a low profile as they dashed into the popular venue with security guards trying to hide their arrival with an umbrella.


I just had to clarify one thing real quick before the day was over. Biebs and Selena aren’t back together. You know how I know this?  Because only squids get back together with their ex girlfriends. Well let me ask you this. Does Biebs look like a squid to you?



Didn’t think so.   Bro is just looking for some more of that pudding with no strings attached. Selina knows the score. Don’t hate playa hate the game.


PS – Hey Mrs Biebs….Call Me.