The whole CIA sex scandal has gotten out of control. Too hard to follow. People are making flow charts and timelines and venn diagrams trying to keep up with who was dicking who. Don’t need any of that. A bunch of high ranking officials were fucking tramps. I get it. It’s a story as old as time itself… ask Jesus, he’ll tell you. What I need to know is who is fucking General Allen’s daughter, Bobbie Allen. Potato sack city. You put a hot brunette in a sundress and pop an acoustic guitar in her lap I will fall in love 101 times out of 100. Absolute perfection. Wouldn’t be surprised to see her as Hayden Penitierre’s competition in Nashville next season.

PS – I take everything back if she has chubby arm syndrome. Doesn’t look like she does in the video but that second pic raises some questions. No girl can overcome CAS. That shit is like herpes, both gross and there for life. I’ll scope it out on our first date and keep everybody posted.