So I finally was able to catch up and watch Jersey Shore this weekend and needless to say it lived up to all the hype and more. I mean every character is damn near perfect. I’ve even made the First Lady start calling me “The Situation” just for the hell of it.

But as much as I enjoyed the first episode it was all overshadowed by the upcoming scenes when Snookie gets coldcocked in the face by a dude. I literally have to take sleep medicine now before I go to bed now just so I can relax and not think about how excited I am for it. Because I’m telling you right now this is destined to go down as one of the greatest moments in the history of television. Like 20 years from now people are going to be talking about where they were when JFK got assisinated and Snookie got smashed in the face. It’s going to be that important to modern pop culture and I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything else until it happens.   So please MTV I’m begging for you to let this be in the next episode so I can get on with my life.   Because I don’t know how much longer I can wait.


- Thanks to Dave at randomfunnypicture for the gif