Seriously how is this possible? Like what kind of savages do I work with? I thought it was pretty much assumed that when somebody wears cashmere you have to ask them if it’s cashmere. It’s supposed to be automatic isn’t it? So it’s just mind boggling to me that I had to write this blog and out myself for wearing it . It almost defeats the whole purpose of wearing Cashmere in the first place. Why spend so much money if nobody knows about it? I didn’t buy this for comfort. I’m trying establish my mogulness and superiority over my employees and they are too stupid to even acknowledge it. It’s days like these I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life. Hey assholes I’m wearing cashmere. Show a little fucking respect and ask me about it.

PS – That Curb when Larry becomes a Car Salesman is my favorite Curb of all time.