WASHINGTON The would-be suicide bomber dispatched by the Yemen branch of Al Qaeda last month to blow up a United States-bound airliner was actually a double agent who infiltrated the terrorist group and volunteered for the suicide mission, American and foreign officials said Tuesday. In an extraordinary intelligence coup, the agent left Yemen, traveling by way of the United Arab Emirates, and delivered both the innovative bomb designed for his air attack and critical information on the group’s leaders to the C.I.A., Saudi and other foreign intelligence agencies. After spending weeks at the center of the terrorist network’s most dangerous affiliate, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the agent provided critical information that permitted the C.I.A. to direct the drone strike on Sunday that killed Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso, the group’s external operations director and a suspect in the bombing of the American destroyer Cole in Yemen in 2000. He also handed over the bomb, designed by the group’s top explosives expert to be invisible to airport security, to the F.B.I., which is analyzing its properties.

America..Fuck Yeah! Seriously how awesome is this story? Like hey Al Qaeda you know that invisible bomb that you’ve been working on for years? The one you gave to Muhammad to blow up an airplane with? Well I hate to break it to you pal, but Mohammad’s real name is Jimmy. Yup bro works for us. Double agent city. In YO FACE! Man I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Al Qaeda heard the news. Just nothing worse than getting beaten by a spy. It’s got to be so deflating. It’s like a 99 yard drive and then fumbling on the goal line going in. They’re all probably sitting around in their cave just depressed as shit now. “Like never saw it fucking coming. Guy seemed so legit. Thought he was really into murdering westerners” Love it.