The time will come to celebrate a Patriots team that just locked up homefield advantage throughout the playoffs with a cobbled together defense, wide receivers playing cornerback and cornerbacks playing safety and ran off 49 unanswered points with a patchwork offensive line and a Lousaka Polite at fullback.  But that will have to wait.  Now is the time to celebrate the Jests getting bounced from the playoffs.  Because as Broadway producer David Merrick once said, “It’s not enough that I should succeed.  Others must fail.”

Seriously, could 2012 ring in any better than this?  Sanchize throwing three picks.  TWO to Randy Starks, a goddamned defensive end.  Santonio Holmes taking himself out of the game in crunch time.  The greatest defense in the world coached by an unparalleled genius giving up a 99 yard, 21 play, 12 -and-a-half minute touchdown drive.  Reports that the Jets are ready to fire their offensive coaching staff.  Shrex Ryan having to face questions about Sanchez and rambling on like a blithering idiot about how he “only” threw 18 picks this year.  Which was 3rd most in the league.

But the best thing about this -by far- is that it should serve to make everyone STFU about the Jets.  For another year, at least.  No more “two straight years in the AFC Championship Game” ragtime.  No more talk about they’ve got Brady’s number. No more Revis Island nonsense.  No more “ground & pound” and talk about how they’re built to win in January.  And mostly, no more fawning handjobs from the legion of Patriots Bashers in the press.  For the last two years, Felger & Mazz and DA on 98.5 have been the worst offenders.  How many times have they tried to make the point that the Jets approach is the way to build a winner and Brady’s career is swirling the drain before our very eyes due to Belichick’s arrogance, timid drafting and terrible eye for talent?  The Jets move up in the draft to get the best players.  Belichick moves down to draft stiffs. Blah, blah, blah. Yeah? Well then why are 8-8 and the Pats are two home games away from a trip to Indy?  I mean, the Jets moved up to get Vernon Gholston.  How’s he looking?  They moved all the way up to 5 to take Sanchez, who right now is… and I’m being totally objective about this… one of the 5 worst starting QBs in football. With their last 13 picks they’ve taken 8 quarterbacks, running backs and receivers. Meanwhile the Pats are winning with a slew of first and second year talent drafted by Belichick doing it his way.  The way that’s made him the first coach in NFL history to have 5 seasons with 13 wins or more.

This doesn’t take away last year’s loss in the playoffs and obviously the Pats only measure success in championships and there’s a long way to go.  But the Jets being irrelevant again is the best belated Christmas gift a guy could ask for.  @JerryThornton1