How is it possible that the Patriots West could be so bad?  How could your GM be Bill Belichick’s old personnel guy, your head coach be his old defensive coordinator and your QB be his old backup QB he won 11 games with and still you’re the worst team in football?  This is how.  You use the 5th pick in the draft to take a guy who’s terrified of horses, then you have a horse run around the field all day.  As George Halas used to say, here’s no faster way to the bottom of the standings than having one of your franchise players be petrified of your own mascot.

Full disclosure:  When Berry came out three years ago, every drafnik in the country had the Chiefs taking him, but I called bullshit.  I came on here and said there is no way Scott Pioli uses a No. 5 pick to take a guy at a position where not even the elite players can make it through a 16 game season.  In the modern NFL, safeties are an injury waiting to happen and it goes against everything Belichick taught him to take one that high.  And naturally I was dead wrong.  And Berry had a great rookie season.  Well after getting IR’ed his second year and now we find out he’s got a bizarre, irrational case of Mascotophobia, who’s wrong now?  You can’t ask a guy to function when he’s got an insane fear of something that’s constantly running around the place.  This is the football equivalent of Dave Portnoy giving me a desk in the Barstool office and hiring a clown to run around the place.  I’d be so frozen with terror I’d write like Rick Reilly. When it comes to the NFL Draft, it looks like I’m right even when I’m wrong. @JerryThornton1