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Nice press conference hayseed….

BURLINGTON, Vt. - On Friday night 2-thousand college kids squeezed into Burlington’s Memorial Auditorium for a rave style dance party. “It was pretty crazy. There were a lot of people there. It was definitely crowded but it was really fun,” said Gwendolyn Child, a UVM freshman. Barstool Sports organized the 18-plus event. Multiple DJs and strobe lights kept the young crowd dancing all night long. “It’s just a giant rave — just pretty much going dancing with your friends, having fun, listening to crazy, cool music,” said Ken Wenner, a UVM freshman. But Mayor Miro Weinberger had a different impression of the underage party. “I do have a fundamental problem with an event that’s going to endanger public safety. We could have had someone die on Friday night. We’re lucky we didn’t,” he said.

Students WCAX-TV spoke to said party security was tight and most of the drinking happened before they arrived. Although only a small fraction of the kids who attended the rave needed medical attention, the mayor says the city cannot be hosting events that promote drunkenness. “I’m not looking to turn Burlington into a nanny state,” he said.

As for Barstool’s encore performance — The mayor says not a chance. “I can tell you unequivocally the Barstool Blackout Tour will not be returning to Memorial Auditorium in February, he said. Students call the decision an over reaction. “In any big event some people are going to take it to an extreme and out of control and I don’t think it’s just Barstool that would do that,” Gwendolyn Child said. 

Others, defended the event. An online reader commenting on the Burlington Free Press website wrote that Friday’s incident hardly warranted a major shift in policy. About 0.16 percent of those in the venue warranted legal intervention, wrote a Facebook user named Daren Cassani. Cassani elaborated: “There are probably more intoxicated students at a high school prom. Let’s keep these events alive for the youth of Vermont, and not let one person out of 625 ruin it for the rest. Perspective, people.”

The entertainers paid $18,057 to the city:

Nothing worse than Jew on Jew crime.   Listen I’ve been told I shouldn’t address this story because the media will just run with whatever I say. They’ll just look to sensationalize it and say I invented underage drinking and partying blah, blah, blah.  But I just can’t keep my mouth shut with this one. This whole Vermont thing is just so preposterous. Like the mayor of Burlington literally held a press conference about our Blackout Tour yesterday.   A fucking press conference! I mean I know Burlington Vermont is a small city but he has to have a better shit to do than this right? He has to!  I mean what are we even talking about here? There were 16 total “incidents” out of 2400 people. None of them serious. For all you mathematicians that is less than 1% of the crowd. Are we talking about practice? Practice?

Seriously you could walk around any campus in any city on any Friday Night and find 16 x 100 underage kids walking around drunk. You could walk into any dorm and find 16 x 100 underage kids drinking. Bottomline is nobody was hurt. There were no fights. Everybody had a great time. There was a minor issue with less than 1% of the crowd. LESS THAN 1%. The safest people at the entire UVM campus were the ones at our party with professional security. Not the ones pouring shots down their face in their dorm rooms. Like what do you think happens if you ban events like these? That kids won’t drink? That’s UVM kids don’t do drugs? It’s surreal.

And what does he mean somebody could have died? Says who? Where is the mayor getting that info from? We’ve done over 100 events. We’ve sold close to 200 thousand tickets and never had anything remotely serious happen like what he is saying.   Has anybody ever died at Memorial?  No.  This is KO Barstool logic. Ignore facts. Ignore reality. Just throw shit against the wall and see what sticks. He doesn’t like fun and he thinks kids who are old enough to go to war aren’t mature enough to go to a dance party. He says he doesn’t want to make Burlington a nanny state but that’s EXACTLY what he’s doing. He’s banning us for no reason other than he doesn’t like it. I don’t know whether he had no friends growing up, is jealous he wasn’t invited or what.

The Memorial Auditorium has hosted events like these forever. I just don’t get why this new mayor is so gungho to change something that has worked for years? We paid the city of Burlington 20K for this event. That goes right to the city. Isn’t Burlington like bankrupt? Can’t they use the money from events like these? Because make no mistake about it. When you hold a press conference and freak out because 16 out of 2400 people (only 4 inside) were too drunk at a college concert then you don’t want any college events in your college town. You want kids to stay in their dorms and get shitfaced in the woods. It’s that simple. He needs to cancel all basketball, hockey and all concerts in Burlington from now on because I guarantee at least 1% of those crowds are drunk. Only difference is they don’t dress in neon but I’m not sure that should be a real reason for holding a press conference and banning us when nothing happened.