NP mayor’s expletive-laced tirade caught on tape


Quick question.  What movie was this from?  Goodfellas?   The Godfather?   Donnie Brasco?  Bronx Tale?   What?  I mean this has to be from the movies right?  Like Scorcese couldn’t make this shit up.   Just no way the mob is this overtly in control of North Providence.  The Mayor just busting into the fire station with a can of wax and making a disrespectful firefighter wax the truck.  Basically threatening to whack him if he ever mentions his family name again.  I kept waiting for him to beat this firefighter over the head with a baseball bat the second he started working. And the best part is the Mayor seems legit appalled that he’s even being asked about it.  Just waving his finger in the reporter’s face.    Like don’t you know who I am?   Nobody disrespects the Lombardi family.   Nobody.

PS – What happens next now that the Lombardi crime syndicate knows somebody taped his conversations?    Has to be the Valentine’s Day Massacre all over again right?