Did people watch the Chiefs Vs. Colts game the other day?   I got to admit it made me feel very nervous/upset/weird/confused.    Like yeah obviously everybody compares KC to us because they have all our old coaches and all our old players.      But up until Sunday that’s where I thought the similarities stopped.    Well after watching that game I’m not so sure anymore.    Like I haven’t seen a defense punish and confuse Peyton Manning like that since the golden days of our dynasty.   The Chiefs just smothered the shit out of them.    Every yard was a war.    I swear to god I thought I was watching the Patriots back in the good old days.    That’s the type of team I still want to be.   No big names.  No superstars.  Just everybody bringing their lunch pail and knocking the shit out of you and seeing what happens.   Sure the Chiefs lost the game, but I came away thinking they are a mortal lock to make the playoffs and have a huge up arrow next to them in Becketts.    I’m telling you there is nothing flukish about them.   I’ve heard people say that they failed the litmus test because they lost at Indy.  Those idiots must have been watching a different game.    Because for the first time I’m concerned that maybe Patriots West has a chance to overtake Patriots East and it makes me sick.    Just doesn’t seem fair that they can take all our players and coaches, move half way across the country and possibly be better at being us than we are.