First of all this just proves that you never know where a viral video is going to come from.  I got sent this video around 5pm yesterday and put it in the pipeline for today.   Then I guess Simmons tweeted it an hour later.    Next thing you know I was getting sent it every 3 seconds.    Now it’s the most popular video on the Internet right now.   Crazy.

Anyway far be it for me to question anything that Vince McMahon does.   The man is a genius.   But it’s shit like that made wrestling great. Illegal hypnotism and shit.   Guys doing the worm.  The entire locker room getting hypnotized.   Fat guys stripping to their superman underwear.   Announcers screaming that it’s all illegal.   I just feel like the WWE got away from all this type of stuff and it kind of ruined it for me.   Get back to the cheesy 80′s gimmicks.  That’s what puts asses in the seats.  That’s why this video is so popular.  Like if I were Vince every single one of these guys would be on Raw this Monday Night.