Wow.  Imagine being an ugly girl walking up to this clique?  Mean Girls city.    Love it.   I also owe Jamie Erdahl an apology because I’ve pretty much ignored her since she arrived at NESN last month.   I looked at pictures and thought she was cute, but not in Dell and McGrath’s league.  Well Ball don’t lie?  Picture don’t lie.  She is going toe to toe with these two savages and not even thinking about blinking.  After seeing this I went back and did some research and I don’t know what the fuck I was looking at.  She is the real deal.   I also got an email when NESN hired her from a kid who said he knew her from 4th grade and she always dated the most popular dudes her entire life and even had a fling with Joe Mauer and then dumped his ass.   I have no idea if that’s true, but looking at her I’d believe it.



Molly McGrath

Jenny Dell

Jaime Erdahl

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Anyway the only logical explanation as to why Molly McGrath posted this picture is because the Big Three wanted me to play Marry, Fuck, Kill with them.  I mean they HAD to know that was coming.  Nobody is that naive.  So here we go.  Now this is complicated for me.   For starters I probably get asked once a week why I don’t talk/stalk Molly McGrath more.   Well the answer is because I pseudo know her.  She was actually a smokeshow back in the day and came to an early Barstool event and more importantly I pseudo know her boyfriend.  It’s just kind of awk to be saying you want to fuck the shit out of a chick in that situation.   So I’ve just kind of stayed away with the exception of a post or tweet here and there. Plus CSN woefully under utilizes her so lots of people don’t even know who she is yet.  She’s not like Jenny Dell who is in your face every game and can’t be ignored.   So having said that where do I place Molly McGrath because make no mistake she’s a flat 10.  Has been since her Superfan cheerleading days.   It’s either kill her or marry her.  I think I’m going to marry her.  After all she was cool with being a smokeshow so that’s good enough for me.   Now that we got that settled I’m going to fuck Jenny Dell and kill the new girl.  No offense new girl, but you’re new and have to earn your stripes.   Although I have heard she’s the most All American chick on the planet and may end up being the most wifeyable of all of them.

Marry – Molly McGrath

Fuck – Jenny Dell

Kill – Jamie Erdahl