VIDEO: Mob of Teens Rob Dupont Circle Store:

WASHINGTONIt’s a growing threat for D.C. businesses from Georgetown to Dupont Circle – mobs of teenagers who rush in together and rush out with thousands of dollars of store merchandise. It happened Monday at the G-Star Raw store in the 1600 block of Connecticut Avenue, NW. The store’s surveillance cameras captured pictures of about 19 teenagers coming in all at once, and making a beeline for the high-end denim fashion and menswear.

Finally a story we can feel good about.  I just feel like in today’s “Lebron James society” everybody is always about “me, me, me. “ How can I get my name in the headlines?  How can I make sportscenter?  How can I take the last shot.”   So it’s refreshing  to see a couple young lads still understand the value of teamwork and playing as a unit.   That it’s not about the name on the back of the jersey, but rather the name on the front that counts.  Everybody doing their job and playing unselfishly.  This is how you win championships.   It works at G Star and it’s going to work against the Heat as well.