So the Red Sox have this new show coming out called Small Talk hosted by Darnell McDonald’s daughter Jiana.   This is a screen cap from a preview.   Well I’ll be damned.  Jiana just shoving my trademark “One Eyed Bandit” photo right in the One Eyed Bandit’s face.    I wonder what the question was?   Do you think it was “Do you get mad when Pres posts this photo of you on Barstool?”   Because make no mistake about it.  The only reason anybody on the Red Sox or at NESN knows this exists is because of us.  I just hope Jiana gave me credit.  I’d hate to have to get in a mud slinging war with a 9 year old, but I will.

PS – Is there any doubt the One Eyed Bandit is plotting his revenge as we speak?   Probably going to trade her to King Joffery for a player to be named later or something.