Yahoo!Rarely have we featured a more impressive and natural hurdle than the one you see below, as turned in by Tracy (Cal.) Kimball High star Zack Johnson.  Unfortunately for Johnson and Kimball, his touchdown on the play didn’t count, just like some past hurdling heroics that were called back for a penalty because of the apparently unsportsmanlike act of hurdling a defender.

Wait.  What?  It’s unsportsmanlike to jump over someone who’s trying to tackle you? Even if he dives at your knees like this kid did?  What am I missing?  Is there some kind of rule in California that outlaws being agile and athletic?  What about if you juke a kid because you have quicker feet than him?  Or bury your shoulder and run through him because you’re stronger? Or, God forbid, outrun him because you’re faster than he is?  Are those allowed or are they unsportsmanlike too?  I mean, if jumping over a kid who’s selling out to go low on you is a 15 yard penalty, what’s to stop the defense from just laying all 11 guys across the field end to end like a speed bump?  And if they do, can you step over them or are you have to stop and lay on the ground so you’re being “sportsmanlike”?  As a low-level assistant coach for a JV team of 6th graders whose varsity just won the Pee Wee Super Bowl, I think I’m qualified to say that when they start outlawing plays just because they’re awesome, we are in for some dark days ahead, my friends. @JerryThornton1