DM – A receptionist at the private hospital which treated the Duchess of Cambridge has died in a suspected suicide – two days after being duped by an amateurish hoax from an Australian radio station. The statement added: “Jacintha has worked at the King Edward VII Hospital for more than four years. She was an excellent nurse and well respected and popular with all over her colleagues.” ‘We can confirm that Jacintha was recently the victim of a hoax call to the hospital. The hospital had been supporting her throughout this difficult time.’ Lord Glenarthur, Chairman of King Edward VII’s Hospital, says, ‘This is a tragic event. Jacintha was a first class nurse who cared diligently for hundreds of patients during her time with us. She will be greatly missed.’ Two days earlier the receptionist took a phone call from giggling DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles. The presenters, from 2Day FM, remarked during their show how their efforts were the ‘easiest prank call ever made’, as they put on mock British accents they later described as ‘terrible’.

Boom roasted! I mean talk about turning the tables huh? “Like oh you got me. You made me look like an incompetent asshole thinking you were the Queen calling through the front and connecting you to Kate’s room.” Ha-Ha you win…Well not so fast my friend because I just killed myself. Joke is on you now sucker.”  Seriously it’s all fun and games till you cause somebody to commit suicide. Not so fucking funny anymore.  This is always my biggest fear with Barstool. I’ll push and push till somebody just hangs themselves. There is no comeback for that shit. They win. You lose. Period.

PS – The best would be if this lady popped out of her tomb and at her funeral and yelled “Punk’d.!”  That has to happen.