DM -- Mitt Romney saw his White House dreams turn to dust last night – and responded by surrounding himself with his beloved family. This morning he was pictured relaxing with his children and grandchildren near his headquarters in Boston, finally relieved of the burden of campaigning which he has carried with him for five years. The family was also apparently enjoying a gallon of chocolate milk – a favorite treat for the Mormon clan, whose faith bars them from drinking alcohol or caffeine.

Maybe I’m a simpleton, and I very well may be, but this kills me. Just the whole Romney clan sitting around the living room passing around a gallon of chocolate milk like it’s a bottle of whiskey. It’s an Irish wake only the exact opposite. Willard just chilling in his suit and tie saying “Heya Tagg, could you pass the TruMoo? Better make it the Whole. We’re drinking to forget tonight.” So crazy it hurts.

PS – Romney has had Secret Service this whole time, right? So did they all just leave for good this morning? Must have been the most awkward goodbye of all time. “Well, Mitt it looks like you’ll be needing us never. Don’t call. Don’t write. You’re a loser and I’m better off without you.”