So a Stoolie sent me a sneak peek at the August 15th issue of Sports Illustrated.   Dustin Pedroia is on the cover and Tom Verducci wrote a story on him.   I got to say it’s one of the best overall articles I’ve read in a long time.   Like if you like Pedroia today you’ll love him more next week when this issue hits the newstands.   I pulled out a couple of my favorite parts to give people a small taste of it.   I love the “I’m wanted for murder in Colorado” line.  Liquid gold.  Also as you can see the title of the story calls him “The Muddy Chicken” and we finally get insight into exactly how that nickname came about.     Listen I may not be a smart man, but I know enough to know when the winds are changing.   So in preparation for this article we had readers submit Muddy Chicken shirt ideas.    Not sure what people are going to think of it, but I love it.  Total game changer.

Click to buy this bad boy. It will ship in a week.

It narrowly beat out these two submissions…..