PHOENIX25 men and women marched topless down Central Avenue on Sunday morning to promote what they called clothing equality, the right for women to be bare-chested in public as well as men. The Phoenix demonstration was among protests organized throughout the world by the group Go Topless, said organizer Jenna Duffy, 27. Go Topless believes the sexualizing of the breasts comes from societal repression stemming from the idea that breasts are objects of sex and desire and therefore must be covered. “By baring our breasts just as a man, it can bring us closer to gender equality by showing that they are not objects, they are parts of us that we are not ashamed of,” Duffy said. As the group assembled in Steele Indian School Park, they were surrounded by dozens of men, many with cameras. “Gawkers are part of the problem for us in getting our rights,” Duffy said. “They should be walking with us.

Ho hum. Just another day of feminists being feminists. Walking around with their tits out telling gawkers to stop staring at their tits. Telling everyone who says “whoa that chick has her shirt off” that they’re the real problem. No you maniacs, you’re the problem. You have to wear shirt because tits are sex organs. It’s simple. Seriously do feminists just have nothing left to protest because the Blackout tour isn’t going on right now and they finally got tee times at Augusta? This is such a weird thing to get worked up about. I mean “clothing equality”? That’s a thing? Like next thing you know they’re going to be protesting because they don’t have the right to have a penis. It’s insane. What are you gonna do though? You can’t stop feminists, you can only hope to contain them. Or hope that you crash your car during the march and one of them is the heir to the Oh Henry candy bar fortune.