DM The University of Miami has come under fire after it sent a seemingly racist emergency text to students warning that a ‘black male’ was on campus. The University had meant to alert students on Wednesday night to the fact that police were pursuing two suspects in a reported laptop theft and that one was armed. But, in an embarrassing gaffe, the message failed to mention the crime, simply stating: ‘Black male on campus wearing black and white tennis shoes, white shirt w/blk writing, black shorts..’


I don’t see what the big deal is.  Pres does the same thing everytime Mo comes to town.  Send a company wide alert letting everybody know that we have a black man coming into the office today.   That way nobody cracks any insensitive joke.  I appreciate the hell out of it.  I mean wouldn’t you love to have a text service warning you whenever minorities are in the area. Know when you’re out with friends and you’re gonna tell a racist joke so you look around to make sure there aren’t any black people around? But you still whisper it in case you missed the guy hiding under your table? Not a problem anymore if you got an SMS alerting you with the general demographics of your surroundings.   Common sense really.