DM – Parents have been warned of the dangers of a simple new device freely available online which heats alcohol and allows it to be inhaled – reportedly giving the user an instant but intense high.┬áReleased in December, the $35 Vaportini acts in a manner similar to a traditional vaporizer, heating and releasing intoxicating vapors which are breathed through a straw after being heated by a candle to 140 Fahreneheit.┬áBypassing the digestive system, the Vaportini causes alcohol to be ingested directly to the bloodstream through the lungs, potentially causing dangerous levels of intoxication – especially if abused. ‘It is ill advised for experimentation among those under 21,’ said Dr. Thomas Greenfield, Center Director at the National Alcohol Research Center in Emeryville, California. ‘There could be inexperienced people at parties under peer pressure who may find themselves using this method of alcohol consumption. ‘It might not be possible to self-regulate their consumption and teenagers just like adults can be drunk drivers too.’ Indicating that in research laboratory’s rats have been known to be more perceptible to alcohol addiction through inhalation, Dr. Greenfield warned of the dangers of this particular method of consumption. ‘To my knowledge there have been no human studies on the effects inhaling alcohol,’ said Dr. Greenfield.


Oh great. Now I have to start smoking booze. This contraption is gonna be the downfall of me and countless other budding alcoholics all over the world. I can just picture myself five years from now, skinny and cracked out on Jack Daniels, soliciting handjobs at the bus station so I can go to the liquor store and buy one more hit. There’s just no way that if I ever owned one of these things I wouldn’t smoke it all day long until I died. Cigarette break? More like inhaling a pint in five seconds break. You’d be able to put your body through a lifetime of alcohol abuse in like a week and I’m pretty sure that ain’t good for ya.

Seriously scientists, good job and good effort but this is the last thing America needs. Why don’t you focus on cancer or STDs or something instead of creating a product that will single-handedly destroy the entire US student body? No way I’m buying one of these but at the same time I think I absolutely have to buy one of these. They’ll be outlawed eventually so just look at it as investing in a collectors item. A deadly, deadly collectors item.