WEEIRon Borges calls in to respond to comments made about his reaction to Jermaine Cunningham’s suspension. Things get heated between Borges and Pete Sheppard while discussing their differing opinions

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Ordinarily I wouldn’t blog about an argument on the radio since I think we all agree 99.9% of them are staged just to fill air time and phony as all Hell.  But every once in a while you get to witness honest, sincere, Boston Sports Media-on-Boston Sports Media crime where you know the two sides really do hate each other.  And when you do, I don’t care how jaded and cynical you are, it’ll melt your icy heart.  And you could tell that’s what this prison yard fight between Sheppard and Borges was: Genuine.  Because no one needs to fake the hatred when the argument is over the most polarizing and divisive issue of our times: Bill Belichick.

It was hard to make sense of a lot of it through all the yelling and talking over each other, but it comes down to this: Borges has a personal vendetta against Belichick, Sheppard called him out for it, and so Mr. Ctrl+C screamed, name called, protested his innocence and tried to pretend he doesn’t.  Granted I wished Pete would’ve made a better case for his argument because he’s 150% right.  But I get that in the heat of the moment with someone interrupting every question to hide his guilt you lose your train of thought.  So let me make the case Sheppard didn’t with specific examples:

*On Mike Felger’s radio show about six years ago, Borges had this to say: “This fellow (Belichick) has cornered the market on convincing people with the help of his friends that no one has ever worked harder than he does and he’s out, uh, you know, when everyone else is sleeping, he’s working, when everyone else is eating, he’s working, uh, I could say something, but I won’t … about uh, how at least some of his time is being spent…”  Nothing specific.  Nothing to back it up.  Just the innuendo that he’s up to… “something,” and let your imagination run wild.  Just the worst kind of irresponsible rumor mongering.

*In that same interview he dropped this little tidbit: “Bottom line is, you know, I bet he had a lot of his lunch money taken from him in sixth grade. And you know what? And you know what? I’d have had all his quarters.”

*On another show, he publicly accused Belichick of begging Michael Holley and David Halberstam to write books about him.  Borges didn’t let the widely-known fact that he’d turned down dozens of book offers OR the fact that both authors said repeatedly they approached him and had to talk him into it get in the way of a good story.

*The day before the 2007 free agency period kicked off, he did a preview on NBCSports of the available free agents and insisted the best of the lot was Adalius Thomas.  The day after Thomas signed with the Pats, his Sunday Globe notes column was all quotes from scouts who said Thomas was a product of the Baltimore system and would never amount to crap with the Patriots.  The fact that Adalius Jetson turned out to be a non-productive malcontent doesn’t account for the fact that Borges did a complete 180 the second Belichick signed his No. 1 free agent.

*During Belichick’s entire tenure in New England, no player has ever reached the end of his contract, held out or been Franchised without Borges coming to the guy’s defense like he’s the Homestead Steel Workers, Mr. Kraft is Andrew Carnegie and Belichick is the Pinkertons.  From Vinatieri to Seymour, Wilfork to Mankins to Welker, he’s been beating the same drum.  Meanwhile the Patriots cap management has put them in 5 Super Bowls, never given them a season when they didn’t lead the AFC East in wins and teams like the Jets are $14 million over the cap for next year.

… I could go on and cite another couple of hundred examples, but it would require me to actually go back and read his columns.  And it’d be stating the obvious.  That Borges is one of many media types in this town who can’t stand Belichick. Guys who made names for themselves ripping the Patriots during a time when they were the laughingstocks of the sports world.  And they’ve never gotten over the fact that there’s a man in charge who’s universally accepted as the best there ever was in this game and doesn’t give a rat’s taint what the writers and talk show guys think about him.  At least Pete Sheppard gets it, and I’ve got his back.  The important thing in all of this is that when two Boston Sports Media Guys fight, we all win.  @JerryThornton1