One of the things about being a fan in this town that constantly surprises me is how time and time again the media misjudges the fans.  You’d think the Boston press would have a better handle on how fans… their target audience… feels about the players they cover, since this is what they do full time.   And nothing demonstrates how out 0f touch the sports media is than how they cover returning players.  Last week El Pres correctly predicted that Manny Ramirez would… and deserved to… get booed and booed viciously when he returned to Fenway over the weekend.  But over the last few days they keep characterizing Manny’s reception as “mixed.”  I even heard Dennis & Callahan this morning comparing it to the response Nomar got, and implying that the people of Boston had hard feelings towards Nomar because he and Manny both “quit” on them.  When the fact is that Nomar, like Pedro, Derek Lowe, Dave Roberts, etc. got the unanimous outpouring of affection he deserved.  Manny’s reaction might have been “mixed,” but only in the technical sense.  The fact is that 99% of Red Sox fans gave Ramirez the ration he had coming to him.  And the ones who were cheering were, to a person, transplanted Dodger fans like this big fat Jonah Hill look alike pictured here.   Nothing says “I’m a West Coast douchebag who thinks Manny’s act is adorable” like a Kobe Bryant jersey hiding the rolls of flab under your XXXL Manny shirt.  The results are in, and “Manny is Dead to Us” won 100% of the electoral college.

PS.  If anyone out there still doubts Manny quit on the Sox… and from listening to talk radio there are… he had this to say to Red Sox Spanish Beisbol Network play-by-play announcer Uri Berenguer Saturday:

“There’s no reason I should have behaved that way in Boston.”

Good riddance, Asswipe.  LA, he’s your problem now.


PS – Anybody know where I can get a “Don’t Worry Be Manny” shirt that I saw on    Whover came up with that shit is brilliant.