Can I tell what my honest to god thought process was on posting this video was besides the fact these chicks are hot as fuck and the one that starts on the left’s ass is to die for.   This video only has a couple thousand views.  I think both of these girls are sneaky trying to break into acting or show business or whatever.    So if I post this and then suddenly they have 30,000 views on it they are going to be like what the fuck just happened?  How did our video go from nothing to the hottest thing on the web?   Hey who is this El Pres guy everybody is talking about?   Maybe I should get to know him better?   I think I’ll shoot him an email thanking him for posting this and see if maybe he wants to fuck?    I swear that kind of went through my head.

Wait a minute!  Is that Gia chick from Bachelor Pad?  The one who fucked Wes?     I was paying more attention to Amanda but I think that’s her.