SunWALKING down the street in her local town, heads turn as Michaela Weeks passes by. Some do a double-take and others point and stare while rummaging in their bags for a camera to catch a snapshot. But this sort of attention isn’t unusual for former waitress Michaela — she makes a living as a Britney Spears lookalike. The pretty blonde from Ilkeston, Derbys, quit serving tables to become a professional Britney double. And her incredible likeness to the star has earned her a staggering £300,000 as a full time doppelganger.

Pretty sad that Britney has fallen from grace this far. I remember her first CD when she was kneeling with her legs spread a bit. I used to spend hours trying to angle that thing so I could see up her skirt. I think she was my generations first sex symbol. But all that is so long ago that people have totally forgotten what a smokestack she was in those outfits. She’s so gross now that apparently the only thing people remember about her hotness is that she had blonde hair. Nothing else. Don’t need to have nice teeth, don’t need to have a rockin’ bod, don’t need huge tits, you literally just need to be blonde and people will pay you to act like Britney Spears. Oh well. We’ll always have the originals at least.



PS – Pres might fire me for this but this is still the best Britney impersonation ever. If this chick wanted to she could probably make way more than whatever she’s doing now.