LAKELANDDressed in his cap and sunglasses, Trevor Link almost appeared to live again. So when his body sat in the seat of a Chrysler 300 at his visitation before his October funeral, he seemed to take a postmortem drive past a stream of his mourners. Videos taken during the visitation at Coney Funeral Home show him perched behind the orange and green car’s wheel, its exterior painted in his favorite Florida NFL team’s colors.  He was known by Lakeland police to be a drug dealer, had fathered 11 children by seven women and led a lifestyle that many would declare less than exemplary.

When I first saw this video I thought this was an exhibit at the Dolphins Museum or something.   Turns out it’s just some dead drug dealer big pimpin it at his funeral.    This is how you fucking do it.    Have 11 kids by 7 different sluts and then just dominate like it ain’t no thing when your dead.    Dude probably sold like ten 8 balls at his own wake.   Play on playa.