DM – Two men were arrested on Tuesday and charged with multiple drug offenses after the driver was pulled over for ‘double texting’ and driving with his knees with a child in the back seat. Dandre Moore, 19, and Dartavious Moore, 22, from Philadelphia, Mississippi, were found with a large amount of money and drugs including marijuana, Xanax and oxycodone after their car was searched. Two women and a three-year-old were also in the car with them.  Double texting is driving while texting people on phones held in each hand. Deputies said they found $4,500 along with the prescription drugs in the car. Dartavious Moore, in the front passenger seat, had an ounce of marijuana in his underwear, sheriff’s spokeswoman Lori Myles told the Press-Register newspaper. Dandre was charged with illegal possession of the Xanax and possession of a controlled substance – the oxycodone. He also told police he had been ‘double texting’ since he was 15-years-old.


The thought of someone having two phones and texting on both of them while driving has never crossed my mind. Never even realized it was a thing that was being done or could even be done. That’s how ridiculous it is. But guess what? Dandre Moore just showed us that it is very much possible. And guess what else? He just slapped all us normal, single phone texters and drivers right across our faces. I mean after reading this story how can you have only one phone in your hand while you careen down the road and think you’re even remotely cool? You can’t. The whole time you’ll just be wishing for a second mobile device for your other hand which is just holding onto the steering wheel getting absolutely no business done. Complete waste of a hand. Like if Pres wants to look like a full on mogul then he needs to have no less than two Blackberries going full blast while knee driving. Anything less and people will think you’re getting zero business done.