Source – A thief who pulled a gun on a store cashier left with his tail between his legs when the clerk – an Iraq War veteran – reacted quickly using his years of training. Jon Lewis Alexander, 54, had a gun pulled on him while at work, but within a split second he’d pulled out his own firearm and had it inside the thief’s mouth. The tense exchange took place in a store in Marionville, Missouri, and was caught on CCTV.


You can tell a robbery has not gone to plan when there’s a gun barrel halfway down your throat roughly three seconds into the whole ordeal. Talk about your confidence level going from midnight to six. Feeling good, ready for some crime, just listened to your favorite robbery pump up song, then BAM. A trained soldier is forcing you to makeout with a pistol and you’re scampering away like the failure that you are. Rough. Guarantee he had hershey squirts in his pants after that turn of events. Guarantee it.