Probably the best video of the year.   This is what Felger and Mazz and all the other morons who constantly criticize the Pats don’t get.  This is what life is like in every other city in the world.  Like for the past decade we just roll into opposing cities like thunder, brutalize them, rape them, play with their toys, sleep with their women, and then roll out with a victory.   Opposing fans just sit there helplessly rooting for the impossible.  It’s almost like rooting against night fall.  Eventually you know darkness is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it.   It’s the mark of any great dynasty and it’s why everybody hates us.    It’s one thing to beat somebody,  but it’s another thing entirely to beat em when they know it’s coming and their ain’t shit they can do about it.    God it’s great to be king.

PS – I was totally this kid with Joe Montana in the 80′s.  Hated Montana.   Only difference is I had a little bit more rational arguments than just saying I hated him.  I generally complained that he just threw 2 yard slant passes to Jerry Rice and John Taylor and then those guys ran 80 yards and anybody could do that.