(DailyMail) - A family has left a long message filled with Biblical rage for vandals who tore down and stole an elaborate Christmas light display outside their home. Alena Coy’s boyfriend spent 80 hours building the display that police in Phoenix, Arizona, say likely took minutes for thieves to destroy. But rather than just report the incident to police, the couple opted to paint a long and angry message and on a board where the display used to be.

Cannot fucking stand people like this. They deserve absolutely everything that happened to them. Every street has this family. The one that takes every holiday way too seriously with their full blown haunted house on Halloween and freedom trail sign on MLK Day and shit. Annoying as all hell. They think they’re the best at holidays because they spend 80 hours setting up their house. Guess what, toots: it doesn’t fucking matter. No matter how long you took to set up your lights it’s going to be funny to deflate the white trash Santa you have on your roof and it’s going to be funny to make it look like your reindeer are fucking each other. They asked for it as far as I’m concerned, they claimed they’re the Griswolds. You can’t just knight yourself as King of holidays and not expect a contender to fire a shot across your bow. A real holiday fan wouldn’t put some depressing ass message about eternal damnation on their front lawn, they’d get out there and do it again. Did Clark’s Christmas spectacular go off without a hitch? Nope. But he kept at it. Show some fucking determination. Calling in God is just a cop-out.

And I’m pretty sure these thieves aren’t selling your Christmas lights on the black market. Christmas lights only work for one year, everyone knows that. Can’t imagine there’s much black market demand.