NY PostBill Belichick would run over his grandmother if she stood in his way. He is the ruthless, merciless, cutthroat coach who takes no prisoners, who adheres to the old Billy Tubbs Oklahoma basketball philosophy of: “If they don’t like it, they should get better.” …But sometimes, when you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Belichick has lost All-World tight end Rob Gronkowski for 4-6 weeks, and for that, Rex Ryan and the Jets will be forever grateful on Thanksgiving night. The Patriots lost Gronkowski, who underwent surgery on his broken left forearm yesterday, because Belichick left him in to block for the extra point that concluded the 59-24 New England Massacre of the Colts.

NY Daily News - Bill Belichick is certain to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame five years after he’s finished coaching – three titles gets him in – but to call him a football genius these days is completely outdated… The longer Belichick goes without winning a Super Bowl after the Jets and the NFL put an end to his intricate spying operation of opponents’ defensive signals, the more a case can be made that his championships deserve an asterisk. The mystique and aura of Belichick has taken major hits. He is supposed to be so much smarter than everybody else, so until now he has escaped criticism for his bizarre deployment of personnel in blowout games… But how sick must Belichick feel now that he will be Gronk-less for the Thanksgiving Night game against the Jets at MetLife because he kept All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski on the extra point protection team after New England scored its eighth touchdown Sunday to take a 59-24 lead against the Colts

With Rex Ryan duct taping everyone’s mouth and the Jets being as well behaved this week as they can possibly manage, leave it to the hacks in the New York tabloids to stir the shit and make things interesting.  So what exactly are these axe-grinding, agenda-driven wretches argument here?  I get that they still can’t stand Belichick because in 2000 he left them at the altar when he refused to take the HC job of the NYJs.  So instead of having a decade of Super Bowl appearances to write about, they’ve had to generate ad sales and page views opining on when to fire the coach or which worthless QB should start.  But claiming that Belichick is a lousy coach because he didn’t take one of his blockers off the field on an extra point is pig-ignorance of the highest order.

I defy anyone beating the “Gronk Shouldn’t Have Been Blocking on that Extra Point” drum to cite me one instance… just one… of a coach of any NFL team subbing out blockers on a kick try, ever.  No one does that.  Not Rex.  Not Tom Coughlin.  Nor did Bill Parcells or any of the other football coaches the NY media has fawned over. First of all, you simply don’t have the players on a 47 man roster.  Second, how exactly do you decide who comes off the field for their own safety and who doesn’t?  Is it just the “skill position” guys, like your tight end?  How does that work?  “Look, Gronk, on the 100 million-to-1 shot you break your forearm here, I’m taking you out. Ryan Wendell?  Stay in because you’re expendable.  Solder?  Vollmer?  You guys are more of a gray area…”  Sure thing.  And good luck with team unity and “Just do your job” and all that.  Like I’ve already said, I’m a firm believer that every coach should take a guy off the field the play before he gets hurt.  The problem is, good as I think Belichick is, he has yet to develop the power to know that ahead of time.  Though I’m sure he’s working on it. If him not being psychic makes him “die by the sword” or means “his mystique and aura have taken hits,” so be it.  But he’s the only coach in NFL history to get blamed for freak injuries.  @JerryThornton1