Wall St JournalIn the last game Tim Tebow started at quarterback, Vince Wilfork, a 325-pound New England Patriots nose tackle, drove him to the ground, breaking one of Tebow’s ribs as if his chest were a stone-crab shell. At the time, Tebow played for the Denver Broncos and weighed 238 pounds… Over the subsequent nine months, Tebow has added a dozen pounds of muscle, but… may have helped himself into by outgrowing the position. That is, at 6 feet 3 and 250 pounds, Tim Tebow may be too big to be an effective NFL quarterback… “I felt it was best,” Tebow said, “for what I thought I was going to be asked to do.”…Put simply, Tebow spent his off-season amplifying his Tebowness. It would be wrong to say he didn’t try to improve his passing skills; from the end of last season through this one, he had worked with five quarterback coaches to hone his throwing motion. Nevertheless, it is fair to wonder whether any time that wasn’t devoted to correcting his greatest weaknesses as a quarterback—his accuracy and ability to read complex defenses, the fundamentals of the position—was time well spent.

Way to go, Jets.  You couldn’t leave well enough alone.  You had the perfect specimen of manhood and you had to go and ruin him.  Tim Tebow was the Platonic Ideal of a quarterback.  He was a blend of Red Grange, Johnny Unitas and Jesus all wrapped in Fabio’s body and you couldn’t be satisfied.  You had to try to make him better and like Bruce Banner you turned him into this freakishly large Hulk.  And in the process you knocked all the magical winning power right out of him.  You don’t mess with Tim Tebow.  You don’t try to amplify his Tebowness.  You teach him 3 or 4 plays, throw him out there under center, and let his divine power take it from there.  So nice going.  You improved the world’s greatest winning machine into a failure.  @JerryThornton1