ESPN NYWhen Antonio Cromartie re-signed with the Jets, he was beseiged with questions about Nnamdi Asomugha, the team’s first choice to start opposite Darrelle Revis. That was nothing. If Cromartie had signed with the Raiders, Asomugha’s former team, the comparisons to the All-Pro cornerback would’ve been non-stop. The Raiders, whom the Jets play Sunday in Oakland, were hot for Cromartie during free agency. It came down to Jets and Raiders. Frankly, Cromartie believes the Asomugha comparisons would’ve been off base. Why? Because in one respect, Cromartie thinks he’s better than Nnamdi. Yeah, that’s right, better. “My style of play and his style of play are totally different,” Cromartie told “I feel I’m more of a playmaker than he is.”

God help me, I love the Jets.  Rex Ryan has been blowing such a cloud of smoke up their collective asses with all this talk about September Super Bowls and guarantees about going to the real Super Bowl that they actually believe their own hype.  They run their team like a preschool where every kid is a genius and everyone goes home with a sticker on their art project.  The Jets did everything they could this offseason to dump Cromartie short of replacing the Statue of Liberty with a giant golden Asomugha and naming themselves the NY Nnamdis.  But that doesn’t stop Cromartie from thinking he’s better.  Notwithstanding that in Week 1 Dallas exploited him like a teenage runaway at a bus terminal for two TDs and he’s a walking Pass Interference call.  He feels like he’s the best corner in the league and that’s all that counts when you play for the Jets.  Pathetic.

Unless when he said “playmaker” he meant “baby maker.”  In which case he’s right and I apologize.  @JerryThornton1