So yesterday it became obvious that we missed out on that Riley Cooper N bomb video. It was offered to us for around 1500 bucks and our Philly guys turned it down. I had no idea the thing was even in play till after the fact. Long story short it was a huge missed viral opportunity. Well last night another opportunity was dropped on our lap. A guy who has a jailhouse letter written by Aaron Hernandez to his buddy who promptly went and sold the letter to a sports memorabilia store. (Side note this guy better hope Hernandez doesn’t walk or he’s as good as murdered for that breach of trust) Anyway some of the highlights in the letter supposedly include a delusional Hernandez with such gems like this.  Paraphrasing here…


“When I made all that money, I fell off.”

“Can’t wait to get out and autograph this again when I’m playing again when I can prove all the haters and downtalkers WRONG”"

” And he still signed his name with the #81…”

So now the question is how much is this shit worth? Like this is going to be the talk of the Internet once it’s released. I’m talking front page news everywhere. Barstool would be plastered all over the joint. It would make this Riley Cooper video look like a grain of sand in the desert. Supposedly we’re bidding against TMZ for it? Anyway I’ve been told it will take 20K to get my greasy jew paws on it. Pageviews choking over here. Pageviews choking over here. So what do people think? Put your CEO hat on for a minute and tell me what you’d do if you were me? Yeah I know you couldn’t walk a day in my mogul shoes, but for the sake of this exercise try and pretend you could. Heavy is the head who wears the crown indeed.