LUBBOCK, Texas (AP)A video of Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville appearing to slap a graduate assistant went viral on the Internet even as the No. 25 Red Raiders were still playing Kansas on Saturday. Tuberville said he didn’t mean to hit graduate assistant Kevin Oliver. “It wasn’t anything to it,” he said. “It was just one of those deals where I missed his shoulder and ended up grabbing the microphone on his head set and pulled it off.” It happened when the Red Raiders seemed to have difficulty getting the right personnel on the field.

Is there anything worse than being a grad assistant? I think it’s the lowest form of life there is.  All you do is bitch work 24 hours a day and whenever anything goes wrong it’s your fault.  Plus I think you legitimately get paid in peanuts.  Like the kind you eat.   And what do you get for your trouble?   Head coaches just bitch slapping you in the face on National television and shit.  Seriously I think Hitler treated the Jews in Auschwitz better than football coaches treat their grad assistants.  I mean if Tommy Tuberville is slapping his assistants in the face during games imagine what Nick Saban did to his grad assistants last night? Probably looked like a scene from Pulp Fiction with the gimp.

PS – Tuberville’s explanation of what happened is awesome. “I missed his shoulder and ended up grabbing the microphone blah, blah, blah”.   Bro you know it’s already a viral gif right?  Like I’m watching it over and over right now.  I have eyeballs.