MSNBC – It’s an age-old question: why do women go for “bad boys” ? Outlaws have always attracted women, from Jesse James to James Dean. While some women know in their hearts that dating a bad boy can be self-destructive, they do it anyway. It probably gives women a high. Athletes, rock stars and other media personalities write tell-all books than include details about rolls in the hay with literally thousands of women. Good boys cry out, “Why not me?” Because women don’t view them as cool, that’s why. Many women see the bad guy as someone with a high degree of self-confidence, self-assured, and independent man, possesing great energy and an aura of power around him. He “glows in the dark.” This type of guy comes off as an adventurous risk-taker, an on-the-edge person who acts with authority and gets respect from others. Better yet, he’s interesting because he sometimes functions outside the sometimes boring rules of society. Women can draw power, energy and even social status from their association with a bad boy who constantly lives on the edge. For some women, their identity is probably associated with dating or being married to a well-known figure. For others, being associated with a locally or nationally-known political figure can be personally rewarding, even is he is many years older or many inches shorter.

ChronicleTonight Bianca de la Garza goes one on one with the bad boy of Boston media, Barstool Sports owner David Portnoy.

For the past decade I’ve wondered what is about me that makes chicks moist as fuck when I walk in the room. I mean by all accounts I’m not male model hot. Like probably an 8 on a looks scale. Certainly nothing that explains the reaction I get. To be honest it’s always kind of confused me. And then I read the description for my Chronicle profile tonight. “Bianca de La Garza goes one on one with the bad boy of Boston Media. ” Boom!  There you go!  So simple.  Chicks love the bad boy! It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about James Dean, Marlin Brando or me.  Sluts are drawn to men of power.  Men who function outside the boring rules of society.  Men who glow in the dark.   Men like Davey Pageviews. It all makes sense now.  Chicks love the bad boy.