#99: Worst Stair Bobsledder Ever

98. German Bro Has Diving On Lockdown

97. I Could Watch This Horse Bite This Pussy Bike Rider All Day Long

96. Smokeshow Screaming For Sanchez At The Giants Parade

95. Hardo Weightlifter Pukes All Over Himself

94. Multiple Homosexuals Witness A Fire

93. Hot Cheetos And Takis

92. “That’s A Clown Question Bro”

91. Dad Berates His Son For Wearing Skinny Jeans

90. Frisbee Bros Bro The Fuck Out

89. There Is A Chance This Wade Boggs Dancing At The Thunder Game May Be the Gif of the Year

88. Drunk Dude Walks Onto Field During High School Game And Promptly Gets Demolished

87. Dolphin Bites A Girl At Seaworld

86. Jerry Jones’ Glasses Cleaner

85. Browns Fan Dunks His Head In A Bucket Of Piss For $450

84. This Is A Perfect Youtube

83. This Dude Fucking Loves Trains!

82. John Clayton Commercial

81. Saved By The Bell Inappropriate Laugh Track

80. Stepdad Spanks the Shit Out Of Kid He Caught Banging His 16 Year Old Daughter In Lieu Of Calling the Cops

79. Russian Mite B Hockey Looks Kind of Intense

78. Lil Wayne Doesn’t Recall A Damn Thing

77. 77. The Internet Proudly Presents…..One Arm Push Guy

76. Yao Ming Getting His Golf On

75. Russian Racewalk Bro Just Passing Out And Shitting All Over Himself Like It’s Nobody’s Business

74. This Is the Definition of Getting Trucked

73. Good Job Bron Bron…Good Effort!

72. Introducing the Peruvian Kurt Kobain

71. Lax Bro Announcer

70. Hockey Coach Trips Kids In The Handshake Line

69. Here’s A Handicapped Lady Using The Red Line Escalator…

68 Headbanging Lady Taking A Digger Is Pure Unadulterated Internet Fun

67. Al Horford’s Little Brother Impressed By Some Sweet Tits and Ass

66. Reader Email – Rate This Roomate Peanut Butter Girl Scout Cookie Prank…. I Gave it a 10

65. Redneck Bama Fans Watch Texas A+M Game

64. If This Fight Doesn’t Make You Laugh Than You Have No Soul

63. Everybody Saw Feitleberg Redefining The Crowd Surf Game At Lupos Right?

62. Fat Ninja Is A Beast

61. I’m Obsessed With This Guy Who Introduced Obama’s Pump Fist

60. “That’s A 10″

59. Hey Baylor Ball Boy With Down Syndrome….GET OFF ME!!!

58. This Chick Motorcyle Jumping Went As Well As Could Be Expected

57. Reader Email Instant Classic – Kid Eats His Own Puke Trying To Win $1,000 Pie Eating Contest At Company Outing

56. This Gonzaga Half Court Shot Has To Be The Worst Play In the History of Sports

55. Wheel of Fortune Fail For the Ages

54. Marist High School Has The Best Play By Play Announcers In History

53. Rate This Music Video For Emily

52. Introducing the Ultimate Laker Bro

51. Lady On The Local News Delivers What May Be The Line Of The Year

50. Must See Video Of Hurricane Sandy Just Wrecking Shit Narrated By A Gay Dude

49. Tennessee Frat Holds Press Conference To Deny Butt Chugging Allegations

48. Booger Kid Has Left Me Speechless

47. I’ll Watch The Celtics With This Chick Anyday

46. Boxing Lessons With Eric Kelly Is YouTube Gold

45. Lady Picks Her Ass And Eats It

44. Punk Chick Going Nuts On Some Bro On The Red Line

43. This Video Sums Up The Gay Marriage Debate Perfectly

42. Worst Beer Bong Ever.

41. Granny Bus Monitor Gets Heckled By Assfuck Kids for 10 Minutes Straight

40. DJ Diamond Dave Is the Hottest Thing On the Internet Right Now And Rightfully So

39. Masshole Bruins Fan Goes Jaw To Jaw With Tampa Mascot Thunderbug After He Sprayed Him With Silly String

38. Old Guy Dominates Vegas Pool

37. Worst Cheerleader Ever…Period.

36. Do We Need Lil Brit To Sing “Get Low” At Our UConn Blackout On Sat Night?

35. Gronk Going Ham At Ultra

34. I’m Sick Of Everybody Talking About How Much Better Of A Surfer Bro This Guy Is Than Me

33. Rate This Division III Golf Coach’s Rant After Team Lays An Egg In Tournament (Starts Getting Good Around 1:55)

32. The Jets 2nd Quarter Magic Set To Music

31. Aussie Track Star Michelle Jenneke Is Hijacking the Olympics Before They Even Begin


29. I Love This Scrub On the Seton Hall Bench

28. Does This Look Like Any Of My Former Employees Giving A Blowjob?


27. It’s Impossible Not To Laugh At Blindball At the Paraplegic Olympics

26. No Biggie: Sharks Just Swimming In the Streets Of Edgartown Now…Shit Would Never Fly In Nantucket

25. Artistic Skateboarding At It’s Finest And Yes This Is Why The 80′s Were A Beast

24. Blind Dog Rescued From A Pile Of Trash

23. El Pres Does The Pommel Horse

22. Montreal Cabbie Runs A Mofo Over


21. Henrik Lundqvist Just Flat Murdered Sweet Child O Mine

20. Watching This girl dance is the best thing that happened to me

19. Mr. Kraft Killing It On His New Dime Piece’s Audition Tape

18. Woman Shits Her Pants…..Pulls Into Carwash….Husband Cleans Her Asshole With A Hose…..Do Work Internet! Do Work!

17. The Absolute Worst Free Throw Shot In the History of the World

16. Amherst Soccer Chick Just Making Some Chick From Colby College Her Bitch

15. Bro Passes Out While Flexing

14. Flip Cup Girl

13. Paralympic Guide Pushes over Blindo He Was Supposed To Be Helping

12. Squatter Refusing To Leave This Detroit House Is Just About The Strangest Video I’ve Ever Seen

11. Pete Webber With Arguably The Best Bowling Victory Celebration Ever

10. Crazy Ass Video Of University of Texas Kid Jumping The Gun On Foam Sword Fight And Promptly Getting Run Over By A Bus

9. Rate This Hardo Strike Three Call

8. Pres At The KO Barstool Rally

7. Hey Internet…Can You Get Any More Awesome/Weird Than This?

6. Gronk Going Absolutely Ham At His Superbowl Post Party…Like Absolutely Ham

5. Is This The Best Coors Light Review Of All Time?

4. This Raiders Black Hole Wedding Will Never Be Topped By Any Wedding In the History Of Earth

3. Bus Driver Uppercuts The Fuck Outta Teen Girl In Cleveland

2. Guy Interviewed About Dumping Logs On the Street In Detroit

1. Asshole Tattoos Are All the Rage