NY Post - Good riddance to Mark Sanchez and the Jets. Mercifully, they won’t be in the playoffs, and in truth, they don’t belong anywhere near the playoffs, and Sanchez should be replaced by Greg McElroy — or even Tim Tebow — immediately. With nothing to play for now, it is time to CAN ’chez for the last two games of this circus season. Enough is enough… Sanchez was 25 yards from the end zone and playoff life with 47 seconds left. And he fumbled away the low shotgun snap from Nick Mangold, and the season along with it. “I gotta catch the ball,” Sanchez said. …he was 23 yards from the end zone and playoff life at the two-minute warning.  And of course he threw off his back foot and his underthrow for tight end Jeff Cumberland was intercepted by Griffin at the 2… There are 8.25 million reasons you can think of today why Ryan must CAN ’chez. Referring to the turnovers — 17 picks, seven lost fumbles from his franchise quarterback — Ryan said: “It’s been killing us.” Good riddance.

This is my worst nightmare come true.  Ever since Sanchez’ career-defining Ass Fumble game on Thanksgiving night, I’ve been in full-on 5-alarm panic mode about the Jets.  I’m petrified they’ll implode and ownership will have no choice but to clean house and this’ll be the last we’ll see of Sanchize and Rex and Tanny and Tebowmania and the whole Jets Theater of the Absurd.  If the Jets lose, they’ll miss the playoffs.  If they miss the playoffs, Rex will get fired.  If Rex gets fired, I’ll wake up in a ditch… and so on So for weeks now, Sanchez has had no bigger fan on Earth than me.  I’ve been pulling for him harder than those Jersey high school girls he bangs.  I’ve been hoping he’d be the Player of the Month for December, break records and lead the Jets to the playoffs so everyone in New York will feel good about putting the band back together for next year.  Instead? I get this shitshow.  This modern art masterpiece.  Possibly the worst game of his life, just when I needed him most.  I feel one of those campaign managers who just watched his candidate say pregnancy from rape is God’s will or something.  And now my only hope is to spin this thing and save the floundering “Sanchez 2013″ campaign.  So don’t listen to the haters in the press, Shrex.  Block out the noise.  Ignore those ingrates with the paper bags on their heads.  Keep Sanchez in there.  Let your slogan be “Hope and No Change.” Because we need him now more than ever. Four more years!  Four more years!