DM - The owner of a Florida bar has apologized for refusing to serve free drinks to a transgender woman, who eventually left Bishop Tavern and Lounge after a heated dispute ensued. Alex Borrego and one of her friends – a drag queen – were invited by a bouncer to partake in the St. Petersburg bar’s weekly ‘ladies night’ promotion on Thursday. As they drank vodka and cranberry juice another bouncer told them they couldn’t participate because ‘you’re dudes,’ she told the Tampa Bay Times. Borrego’s driver’s license lists her gender as female, but the bouncer was unrelenting. While Borrego was born a male, she took two-year’s worth of hormones to become a female, among other measures.

Look I’m all for equality. I think gay dudes and dudes with pussies and chicks with penises and all kinds of people should be equal. But I draw the line at free drinks. That’s sacred. Free drinks are reserved for smoking hot girls, and smoking hot girls only. Even when a bar has a “ladies night” it’s implied that it ends with “you know what we mean, the hot ones. Wink wink.” Fat girls don’t get free shit. Ugly girls don’t get free shit. And chicks with peckers most certainly do not get free shit. That’s the way the world works, I’m sorry. So congratulations that your license says you’re a chick, you still have a penis. Congratulations you took two years worth of hormone therapy, those are still man boobs. And congratulations you showed up at ladies night, that appletini is still gonna be $10.50.