PFT[N]ow that we know the Jets were lining up personnel on the sideline in a shoulder-to-shoulder, foot-to-foot formation, it’s safe to assume that others have engaged in similar tactics. Jets special-teams coordinator Mike Westhoff, in a Wednesday visit with the Waddle & Silvy Show on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, said that the Patriots engage in similar tactics. “A number of teams do it,” Westhoff said. “There is a pretty good team up north that lines their whole defense up when they do it, so it’s something that just kind of happened.” Asked if he’s saying the Patriots line up players to impede punt coverage teams, Westhoff elaborated. “Well, if you watch them, their defense when the opponents’ punt team is out there,” Westhoof said. “They’re up there pretty close to the line so it looks like they are trying to do it. Now are they doing anything illegal? Are they tripping anybody, heck no. I’m not saying that. That’s not the point. But, yeah, they’re lined up there. Is it making a difference? I don’t know. I really don’t know, because to tell you the truth before this happened I never really looked at anybody’s sideline in all my years.”

Crap on a crust, that was fast!  It used to take teams at least a day or two to start blaming everything they do on the Patriots.  But the Jets just threw Alosi to the wolves, what?  Two hours ago?  And already they’re spinning it that it was all the Patriots doing.  That’s incredible.  Wow, they’re really getting good at this.  Must be from all the practice.  Good thing for us they can’t teach Mark Sanchez how to play quarterback this fast.

So let’s get Westhoff’s argument straight here: He and the Jets said that Sal Alosi was the Lone Gunman on the tripping incident.  They knew nothing about it.  He set up the sniper’s nest in the book depository and acted alone.  But the Patriots line their guys up the same way.  Westhoff knows they do.    Furthermore, he’s  in charge of the Punt Return team, but he doesn’t line his guys up that way, some low level aerobics instructor does.   And Westhoff is the world’s greatest Special Teams coach, but he’s never looked at another team’s sidelines in his life.  But still, he knows the Patriots do this.  Well I’m glad we cleared that up.

I’m embarrassed now that I said good things about Westhoff during “Hard Knocks” last August.  I can’t believe the man who uttered the immortal “You’re a good football player your strong as hell, quit gettin’ fuckin exasperated. You didnt play that many plays, your like your dead! I dont give a shit if you got the triple fuckin’ asian flu! When we call red, you get to the outside and you dont let that guy escape!” It’s a sad day, indeed.  No wonder these guys are dropping like rocks out of the playoff hunt. @jerrythornton1