(whole video is pretty good but the fight starts at 6:30, debatable cheapshot knockout is at 7:15)

You guys remember Phoenix Jones: real life super hero? The guy who broke a little kids arm? Yeah well it turns out the guy can actually fight. He’s an undefeated MMA fighter. And even though in today’s TapOut and Affliction world an MMA fighter is to a real fighter as a karaoke singer is to Adele, it appears this guy might know how to throw hands a bit. I don’t care about the dude in the orange saying “I quit” right before he got knocked out, I’m still pretty impressed. Because there are two things in this world I know for sure…

1: there is no such thing as a dirty fighter or a clean fighter, just a winner and a loser.

2: if a guy opens up a fight with a leg kick like this

you immediately drop to the ground, shit yourself and play dead like a fucking black bear is attacking you. Guys who don’t know how to fight don’t start off trying to tear your ACL. That’s a fact. If you keep going after that then you deserve everything coming your way.

PS – how did Jeremy Roenick’s lawyer not tell him there is a mutual combat law in Washington? Just can’t find a good lawyer on Twitter these days.

PPS – Phoenix was smart to not fight the second guy. The only thing that says “I’m a bad motherfucker” more than a sweeping leg kick to start a fight is ripping off your shirt before the fight starts. Soft guys don’t do that, only badasses. That move is all man.