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Dear Barstool Sports Boston,

I think I have a pretty solid video for you guys. A couple of my buddies were at the Leafs game @ the garden the other night and they encountered the one and only, infamous Bruins dancing guy. He’s got a mustache, suit coat, glasses, and a hat. Everyone knows him… regardless they had the brilliant idea to get intoxicated and steal his hat. Here is how it went.  Enjoy.

Tim From Boston

Well these guys got it half right.  I mean I love people giving us shoutouts in the videos they tape trying to get on the Stool.   However this isn’t how I’d recommend doing it.  Just a total dick move to steal the old guy’s hat.   Like this would have been a great if they happened to catch some other dickbags doing this and videotaped it so we could bring them to justice.   But unfortunately the guys who stole it are Stoolies.   Not good. I’m not sure what happens next but I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.    Something tells me B’s fans will take extreme exception  to this.  Extreme exception.  Maybe I’m wrong?

PS – On the bright side I’m not even sure that old dude knew his hat was gone.    Because if he did that was the worst reaction time in the history of mankind.   Guy didn’t even flinch.