(These are really the two dogs. Obviously that’s Baxter on the left and Baily on the right)


SANDWICH (CBS) A story straight out of a Disney movie. Two golden retrievers were lost in the woods, and trapped for two weeks before one of the dogs broke free and led others back to his brother. “I had pretty much given up hope that they were going to come home,” Penny said. “Baxter kind of led me off the side through the woods. I had twigs in my eyes and leaves in my hair,” Penny says. Baxter kept pulling Penny down the path until finally they came upon Bailey with his leash all wrapped up around some bushes.“I could hardly get him untied because he was jumping on me and jumping on Baxter because he was so happy to see us.” Penny thinks her goldens spent most of the two weeks trapped together, until Baxter broke free. Then she believes he kept going back to check on Bailey.

First of all Baily and Baxter have to be the most Golden Retriever names of all time. Just drips Golden Retriever.  And seriously how awesome are Goldens? Like everybody knows they are the best dogs on the planet. They know they are the best dogs on the planet. But still they never act like they are better than you. Like if I was a Golden I’d be the smuggest cockiest motherfucker on the planet. But I guess that’s why I’d never be a Golden. They don’t let their success get to their heads. Just one of the guys. One for all and all for one. Hell Baxter probably would have been home a week ago, but it took 7 days for Bailey to convince him it was okay to leave him alone in the woods while he got help. And yes if this was a cat stuck with his brother he’d 100% eat him before returning home. Not because he needed to survive. Just because cats hate company and being social.