If I read about this last week I would have been praising the shit out of Ty Lawson. Because up until this weekend I was a firm believer that no matter how much chicks may deny it, they all want to hear that dudes wants to fuck the shit out of them and treat them like slutbags. So putting a bug in Kim Karadashian’s ear that you want to bang her can only pay dividends down the line. But now I’m not that sure about that.  

Because this weekend at the Vineyard this theory was put to the test. About 10 of my buddies went out to dinner and we had a cute waitress. We were all drinking and acting like assholes and one thing led to another and we went around the table and everybody had to say somehting nice about the waitress. Lame right? Well it was the typical “pretty eyes, good sense of humor blah, blah, blah bullshit. Then one of my buddies says “he wants to fuck the shit out of her until she screams” Seriously that was his compliment. The waitress did a quick 180 and didn’t return for about 10 minutes. It was borderline awkward the rest of the night. Now I kept telling my friend I loved the move. Like even though she seemed offended I bet deep down she loved it and when she came to our house late night he’d probably bang her. Well guess what? She never showed and she never gave any indication that she was into it. Crazy right? So it’s kind of made me rethink eveything I thought I knew about chicks. That’s why I’m not sure whether Kim Kardashian will like this tweet or not. Hmm, maybe I should ask Jenna what she thinks? Do girls like hearing strange guys tell them that they want to pummel them in the sack?