Introducing Ciara Price. Who is that?   Well I’d never heard of her until two seconds ago, but apparently she’s Miss November for Playboy, is a certified dick wrecker and is from around Boston.   So what does she do when she comes home for Easter?     No biggie.  Just goes to the Bruins game and conveniently meets up with Tyler Seguin after the game (ahem ahem) and then taunts people via twitter with her hotness.   Fucking a man.   Talk about the life huh?  To be young, dumb and full of cum.  Gronk must be fuming he missed out on this opportunity because they don’t come any hotter than this chick.  Flat dripping sex all over the joint.    Kind of begs the question if both Gronk and Seguin are going after the same broad who wins?    I think Gronk?   But maybe not?  Because I feel like if you can wait long enough Gronk will drink himself right into blackout mode and take himself out of the game.  Or you just start talking about video games or lifting and he’ll get distracted.

Hey Feitlberg how about waking up with this chick tomorrow?   Is that too much to ask?